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July 4, 2003
Two brand new billboards in Vilnius - at T.Narbuto St. in the median and at V.Kudirkos and J.Jasinskio St. crossroad - carry on the development of the network of BVA advertising billboards. The format of both double-face units is 4 x 8 - 32 m2.
July 1, 2003
One more billboard has been lately reconstructed. An old 24m2 unit at Savanoriu-Vilkpedes St. crossroad was replaced by a new 32m2 construction.
May 23, 2003
BVA is stepping forward developing and improving its network of advertising billboards. A new 32m2 unit at Zirmunu – Minties St. crossroad in Vilnius, has recently replaced the old 24m2 construction.
Mar 6, 2003
We have just finished installing two double-face 64m2 units within Kaunas city limits on the A1 highway Vilnius-Klaipeda (Islandijos St.). The visuals are presented in the list of locations and the map of Kaunas City.
Jan 8, 2003
A new double-face 64m2 billboard in Vilnius at Ozo-Gelvonu crossroad has been installed recently. It is located at the entrance to the shopping and entertainment centre "Akropolis". The visibility of the billboard faces is very good not only approaching the crossroad but also from the parking lot of "Akropolis".

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